Cropped jumper from Topshop / Buckled skirt from Missguided here / Leather boyfriend jacket from Missguided here / Embellished bag from Aldo here / Trainers from Puma 

So I’ve just got back from Barcelona and this was one of my favourite outfits, it was quick and supercomfy! I am absolutely in love with Barcelona by the way! I did go in the Summer last year, but this year it was different going with my bestfriend! We’re definitely going back in the summer!

I am so in love with the little cafes and restaurants and omg Brunch and Cake was my favourite last time and also my favourite this time too! You guys should definitely give it a visit if you’re thinking of going!

Lots of love! Speak soon x



This jumper is currently my everyday mood! Do what makes you happy! 

Cropped sweatshirt from Missguided here / Buckled Skirt from Missguided here / Longline Puffa Jacket from Missguided here / Eyelet Zip Clutch from Lamoda here (now on sale!) / Body Diamante Choker from OffbeatChokers here / Earrings from Missguided here 

So I created a goth kinda punk look to go where the IDGAF vibe. I’m loving wearing so much black lately, I need the weather to change for me to add some colour in my wardrobe! Sun please come back! I miss you!

P.s. I’m having SUCH a fat day today! (Currently writing this on a Sunday, but by the time this is posted, I’ll be back on the healthy flex)

Going to watch Crazy, Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling! Ciao!



You know when you’re browsing online and see that one thing that you HAVE to instantly get, I had that moment when I saw this velvet puffa.

 Velvet Puffa Cropped Jacket from Missguided here / Crop Top from Missguided here / Satin Rose Gold Bottoms from Missguided here / Suede Perspex Lace up heels from 4thandReckless here 

Felt so warm walking around in this padded puffa! I chose to mix up the textures in this outfit with velvet, satin and suede! Which I think compliments each other with the soft muave pinks and deep navy blues. Also want to add how much I love these heels, they are so comfortable and makes any outfit look that extra luck! They always sell out so quick so get them when you can! From 4thandReckless here <3 

Hope you like this outfit! Let me know what you think!

Lots of love, always x



Flared sleeves is definitely a thing for me! Printed flared sleeve Crop Top from Missguided here / Lace up side detail skirt from Missguided here / Embellished Choker from Lamoda here / Boots from Ego here / Mini Denim backpack from Zara here (now on sale!)

Currently listening to Drugs by August Alsina and I’m soooo feeling this song! (I didn’t really like it the first time I heard it, but it’s nice to play in the background). BUT my current favourite is Dye my hair- by ALMA, absolutely love her voice!

Anyway hope you like this outfit, I wanted to play with the bold silhouette of the sleeves and the fedora.

Stay positive!

Talk later x