Decided to carry on my morning fitness routine whilst in Switzerland, I swear the air is different here!

Under Armour Sports Bra hereUnder Armour Leggings hereUnder Armour trainers here 

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Hey guys! Good morning from Switzerland, Zurich! I swear the air is different here! It feels so clean and clear! Perfect way to start of my day with a run.

So I left my house this morning and decided to re-familiarise myself with the surroundings, with the help of my Under Armour gear which is one of the comfiest outfits I wear to the gym, the stretch and breathable fabric as well as the uber comfy trainers really enhances my endurance to last longer while running. The leggings also stay up whist I am running which is usually a issue I struggle with.

Are you one of those people who stay in their gym clothes for a while, because I still am whilst I am typing this! I’ve had lunch on my way home, it has such a calm ambience around here, really quiet and a perfect place to clear my head on a run.

I’m flying to Los Angeles next week so I’ll check back in with you guys for sure!


Speak soon ,

Carms xxx


Age is just a number, so today’s post is a little different and I can’t wait to share with you guys this video which inspired me so much this morning!


I used to want to be married when I was 23 and have 2 children by the time I’m 25 with with one son and one daughter. It’s so normal for me and my friends to worry about ageing or turning a certain age when growing up, they always seem to tie hand in hand. But why do we let a number define us? We are always us and we should love ourselves 110% with no limits. I used to have expectations when turning 20, then 30 and 40 and so on. To have certain things to have obtained or achieved by certain time frames in my life. In fact I’m choosing to occupy my time exploring the world and learning to love me everyday.

Being Women

Society tells us to have jobs by a certain age, family, children, lifestyle and looks, but these are just self made limits. I feel  especially being women the pressure is harder, we’re told to look good, look young, look after children have a job and then care for our family. After watching SKII’s video it was like hearing my inner voice out loud, knowing that there millions of other people in the world who feel the same but being told that it’s okay to be us, it’s okay to love us, to know we don’t have any expiry date. You run your own life and you give yourself your own goals, not anyone else.

Kimono from Missguided / Crop top Kookai / Skirt & Choker from MeskiBoutique

The video that inspired me

I love spending my time reading and watching things that makes me a better person, having self belief in yourself is everything. It’s the first step to your own personal goal that you make. This 3 minute video from SKII just made me feel that much better. Age is just a number, it doesn’t and wont define you!

Watch below!

Thank you reading! I hope the video inspired you as much as it inspired me! You run your life and no one else.

#ChangeDestiny #SKII #INeverExpire

(Click the above hashtag links to see how others in the world are feeling with the SKII no expiry date film)

Let me know what you think! Speak soon


And thank you SKII for sponsoring this post <3 



Going to Mykonos the next was just as stunningly beautiful! Had to snap some memories here! 

Aztec Bikini from here & hereWhite cross body bag hereBodychain hereEarrings hereEmbellished sandals hereAnklets here & here 

   Feeling so happy at the views in Santorini, Greece! Everywhere was so picturesque! 

Black textured bikini here & bottoms here / Gold Bodychain hereVelvet Embellished bag (available in store or similar) herePalm tree print Sarong hereNecklace hereGold Anklets here & hereEmbellished flip flops here 

    Super obsessed with this embellished clutch, I would seriously wear it everyday! 

Beige crochet dress from hereEmbellished clutch from similar here (check in-store) / Anklets from here & here Embellished flip flops from hereNecklace here

Cruising over to Mykonos and Santorini was the most amazing experience ever this Summer! Seeing beautiful sights that I’ve previously explored in my room from a screen, to real life was just surreal! Carefully matching my outfits with the surroundings and lacing myself with accessories and detailed outfits just added to the summer vibe!

This summer, I partnered up with Accessorize as part of their In The Moment campaign, which is all about celebrating living in the now, rather than through a screen or via technology. It was amazing to be able to experience these beautiful locations first hand and take the time out from my busy schedule to relax and really take in the incredible surroundings.

Mykonos & Santorini are the perfect excursions for any travellers riding through the Mediterranean sea during this beautiful summer. I can honestly say that being in such a beautiful place, naturally feeling so carefree, with every corner being so picturesque was really inspiring. The small city was only 105km (compared to London being 1572km!) and the surroundings felt homely and handmade, which made everything that much more special. The neighbours all knew each other and the streets were so picturesque. It was such a pleasure to be able to explore the town, and I was so grateful that this beautiful place has opened up their doors to us and let us see their beautiful homes, delicious food and views to die for.


During my time there, there were groups of horses being guided through the steps of Santorini, nearly as heavily accessorised as me! We took some time to shop around the local places whilst taking in all the scenery before we had to leave for our next destination. We finished with a late lunch ordering a refreshing glass of orange juice and a highly recommended Greek Salad with pitta bread.

I truly enjoyed my time there and would love to go back! I loved being able to feel summery and wear all this amazing jewellery and beautiful clothing. Where to next!

All my outfits and accessories are from Accessorize I’ve included in the links below all my images so feel free to have a browse online and if not, instore!

Click here to find your closest Accessorize store if you want to have a browse in person! Sometimes I prefer it! But then sometimes I prefer the comfort of my own home!

Let me know what you guys think! I absolutely love Greece! I want to go back so bad!

Speak soon! Can’t wait to share with you my next trip! xxxx



Just wondering whether Summer is ever going to arrive in the United Kingdom

Off the shoulder lace up crop top from Misspap here / Gingham frill detailed shorts from Misspap here / Silver Aviators from QuayAustralia here / Fur Slides from PublicDesire here Hoop Earrings from Windsor Store here 

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Can’t even begin to explain how obsessed I am with these shorts! So they’re highwaisted and the frills around the bottom edges of the shorts just shapes your hips so perfectly! Obssessed! I chose to pair this gingham print with a stripy off the shoulder crop top to mix up the prints a little and add a little more detail along with the puffed out sleeves!

Hope everyone has something good planned for today! I’m going to do some last minute packing now as I fly tonight! It’s about to get hectic! Will come and check back in with you guys tomorrow! P.s. I’m flying to Rome tonight! Super excited!

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Have an amazing day! Speak soon!

Carms xxx


Love being back in London City! 

White oversized hoodie from Hotmess hereHoop Earrings from Windsor Store hereFur Slides from Public Desire hereSide Bag from Zara here 

I love slogan clothing! Especially ones that are empowering! I’ve been away on press trips lately and I”ve loved being back in London! So today I went for a little shop around Oxford Street for some last minute things as I’m flying again tomorrow night! So keep an eye out for new things coming!

Anyway I felt so cosy in this oversized jumper I could literally wear it forever! Hotmess Clothing you the bomb!

Lots of love! And most importantly Love Yourself!

We should remember to stand strong and live our everyday lifes, not in fear but with love and hope. My thoughts are with those involved in the London and Manchester attacks June 2017 <3

Speak soon,

Carmen xxx