Just wondering whether Summer is ever going to arrive in the United Kingdom

Off the shoulder lace up crop top from Misspap here / Gingham frill detailed shorts from Misspap here / Silver Aviators from QuayAustralia here / Fur Slides from PublicDesire here Hoop Earrings from Windsor Store here 

(Feel free to use code CARMEN15 for 15% off sitewide on Misspap.co.uk )

Can’t even begin to explain how obsessed I am with these shorts! So they’re highwaisted and the frills around the bottom edges of the shorts just shapes your hips so perfectly! Obssessed! I chose to pair this gingham print with a stripy off the shoulder crop top to mix up the prints a little and add a little more detail along with the puffed out sleeves!

Hope everyone has something good planned for today! I’m going to do some last minute packing now as I fly tonight! It’s about to get hectic! Will come and check back in with you guys tomorrow! P.s. I’m flying to Rome tonight! Super excited!

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Have an amazing day! Speak soon!

Carms xxx


Love being back in London City! 

White oversized hoodie from Hotmess hereHoop Earrings from Windsor Store hereFur Slides from Public Desire hereSide Bag from Zara here 

I love slogan clothing! Especially ones that are empowering! I’ve been away on press trips lately and I”ve loved being back in London! So today I went for a little shop around Oxford Street for some last minute things as I’m flying again tomorrow night! So keep an eye out for new things coming!

Anyway I felt so cosy in this oversized jumper I could literally wear it forever! Hotmess Clothing you the bomb!

Lots of love! And most importantly Love Yourself!

We should remember to stand strong and live our everyday lifes, not in fear but with love and hope. My thoughts are with those involved in the London and Manchester attacks June 2017 <3

Speak soon,

Carmen xxx


City life! I love being in the city!

Palm tree playsuit from Misspap here / Boots from Simmi Shoes here 

(Remember to feel free to use my code “CARMEN15” on Misspap.co.uk for 15% off your whole order! )

Hey guys! I’m back! Can’t wait to keep uploading more on here! Sometimes there are too many pictures of one outfit that I can only post one of on the gram! But here I can set free!

Hope you’ve all had a good day! I’ve literally been shopping around all day looking for something to wear on a cruise I’m going to next week! Super excited but hope I don’t get seasick! I love this playsuit so much though its super stretchy and can be dressed up or down!

Will check back on here tomorrow!

Speak soon! <3


Not long now till Summer! Enjoying the sun shining more often lately! 

Orange slogan long sleeve top from Urban Outfitters at Melrose Avenue (Los Angeles) here is a similar one I found / Skirt is from Missguided here / Sunglasses are from QuayAustralia here /Shoes are from Vagabondshoes (I got these a while ago!)

Hey guys! So this is one of the outfits that I wore on my press trip to Turkey!  I am in love with orange! It adds a hint of badass to every outfit! I chose to pair it with matching sunnies that fits in with my outfit from Quay! I did buy this top from Urban Outfitters when I was in LA which isn’t stocked online in the UK site! Also how LA does Turkey look? *Love heart eyes*.

Also I’ve just checked my calendar today and apparently we have one month left till its officially summer in the UK! I cannot wait!

Anyway I will keep you guys posted on here! I will also be starting to post on youtube so stay tuned!

Speak soon! Lots of love! Carms xxx


Goooooood morning! Hope you’re having an amazing day!

So not so long ago I got my hair dyed Pink! And I thought it would be helpful to share with you guys! And here’s what went downnnn town!

You know when you’ve always thought about changing your hair colour but never really been brave enough to do it? Then you do it and you think why didn’t I do this earlier? Yep that was me!

I’ve been blonde for at least the past 5 years so if I can do it, you can too! I’ve loved the idea of having peachy pink hair I think it works so well especially coming into summer it works so well with a tan! That complexion be popping! It is temporary so you can always change it if you want to change it up again!

And most of all it doesn’t damage your hair which is one of my main concerns when dying my hair cause of the amount of times its been bleached!

Into the details:

So I got my hair dyed professionally in salon using L’Oreal Professionnel #ColorfulHair , which is a temporary hair colour for when you fancy a change, the best thing about this is that you can choose the intensity of the colour, you could go for a really strong pink or blue or mix up the colours to create the tones you want, or if you just want a softer hint you can just dilute it a little more! The outcomes of these colours are all upto you as you can create plentiful of colours! How fun?! I wanted a peachy pink so had it slightly more diluted! I personally wasn’t THAT brave just yet!

My own experience: 

In all honesty, I loved the outcome! Though, I can’t lie at first I wasn’t used to it after being blonde for so many years, but as my hair was drying the pinks seeped through and blended softly from my roots so effortlessly I was like yassss! I knew that this colour was temporary but was maintainable if I wanted to keep the pigmentation as strong! However I LOVED how everytime I washed my hair it went to a different shade of pink, just like in the evening when the sunsets and you get pink skies, it was all them different shades of pink!

Below are images taken at an every few week interval so you can see how beautifully the colours fade, however if you want to maintain it any stage you can just go for a little top up and it will always be like week 1!

Here are me before and after images of the process!


Image by L’Oreal Professionnel UK

Image by L’Oreal Professionnel UK

You can find out more information if you’re interested, I chose to go pink cause I LOVE pink! But if you feel like having blue, green, mermaid hair it is all possible! You can have a look for inspo by searching the hashtag #mycolorfulhair click here for the instagram link!

Click  here for more information about the product that was used by L’Oreal Professionnel

and here to find your closest store hairdressers-near-me.lorealprofessionnel.co.uk/ 

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading! I’m about to head out to do some Sunday grocery shopping, thinking about what colour I should go next for the summer!

Speak soon! Have a lovely day! xxx