Nothing but a number- Woman Empowerment ft. SKII

Age is just a number, so today’s post is a little different and I can’t wait to share with you guys this video which inspired me so much this morning!


I used to want to be married when I was 23 and have 2 children by the time I’m 25 with with one son and one daughter. It’s so normal for me and my friends to worry about ageing or turning a certain age when growing up, they always seem to tie hand in hand. But why do we let a number define us? We are always us and we should love ourselves 110% with no limits. I used to have expectations when turning 20, then 30 and 40 and so on. To have certain things to have obtained or achieved by certain time frames in my life. In fact I’m choosing to occupy my time exploring the world and learning to love me everyday.

Being Women

Society tells us to have jobs by a certain age, family, children, lifestyle and looks, but these are just self made limits. I feel  especially being women the pressure is harder, we’re told to look good, look young, look after children have a job and then care for our family. After watching SKII’s video it was like hearing my inner voice out loud, knowing that there millions of other people in the world who feel the same but being told that it’s okay to be us, it’s okay to love us, to know we don’t have any expiry date. You run your own life and you give yourself your own goals, not anyone else.

Kimono from Missguided / Crop top Kookai / Skirt & Choker from MeskiBoutique

The video that inspired me

I love spending my time reading and watching things that makes me a better person, having self belief in yourself is everything. It’s the first step to your own personal goal that you make. This 3 minute video from SKII just made me feel that much better. Age is just a number, it doesn’t and wont define you!

Watch below!

Thank you reading! I hope the video inspired you as much as it inspired me! You run your life and no one else.

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