My First Post

My First Post

Hey! Been meaning to meet ya!

Welcome to my space online! Where I share my latest takes and experiences in the world of Fashion, Beauty, Food, Travel and general life experiences!

Just thought I’d give you guys a little intro! -I have been blogging before on my old website but then I ended up only instablogging, but now I have so much more I want to share and constantly share so I’m back with a new site and new ideas!

I love to eat, but then I’m always finding ways to tone up too, I love travelling to new countries and countries I’ve been to before (E.g. Los Angeles). I love clothes, meeting new people, going to new places and trying out new things so this is what is going to be all about!

I love meaningful quotes, and empowering us woman, I learn something with every experience I have and I just want to share it all. I’m sure we all go through the same kinda things!

I honestly appreciate love and support like no other and I love talking to new people so Snap me! Email me! Anything!

So much love, always!

Carms Xo



  1. January 23, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    Re; The new GF Grocery Guide…This book is the best ! I am newly diagnosed, and this guide is my Bible. I can now shoot through the supermarket in record time because i know just what i need.In your next guide please include two more Supermarkets here in New York..We have a KING KULLEN AND A WALDBAUMS that need to be reviewed.Keep up the good work you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!