Morning run in Switzerland


Decided to carry on my morning fitness routine whilst in Switzerland, I swear the air is different here!

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Hey guys! Good morning from Switzerland, Zurich! I swear the air is different here! It feels so clean and clear! Perfect way to start of my day with a run.

So I left my house this morning and decided to re-familiarise myself with the surroundings, with the help of my Under Armour gear which is one of the comfiest outfits I wear to the gym, the stretch and breathable fabric as well as the uber comfy trainers really enhances my endurance to last longer while running. The leggings also stay up whist I am running which is usually a issue I struggle with.

Are you one of those people who stay in their gym clothes for a while, because I still am whilst I am typing this! I’ve had lunch on my way home, it has such a calm ambience around here, really quiet and a perfect place to clear my head on a run.

I’m flying to Los Angeles next week so I’ll check back in with you guys for sure!


Speak soon ,

Carms xxx