Mani’s are a girls best friend with BlowLTD


Hands down one of the best manicure experiences I’ve had in a while with BlowLTD inside the Debenhams store

So I arrived at the Debenhams store on this perfect summers day, after shopping around Oxford Street for a a quick lunch time appointment. I was greeted by Jessica who took care of me during my time there, who was so lovely and friendly!

I usually opt for a nude colour but decided to go for this pale pink to highlight the tan I’ve caught this summer. My nails and hands went through such a nice and relaxing process of removing dead skin, hand massages, hand baths, filing, trimming and shaping all whilst having such a lovely conversation with Jessica. Its been 2 weeks since I’ve had my nails done from the pictures above and they still look so fresh!

Nothing can brighten your day like a fresh new manicure! And don’t you love it when they actually do your nails perfectly and properly?

The best thing is that BlowLTD offers more than manicures, they do pedicures, makeup, hair and blowdries, lashes, massages , waxing and group services and thats not even it! They can come to you!

I’ve actually been to a few events where BlowLTD has come to do our nails and they have just been as good as instore! They really feel like your friends!

Click here to see what else they offer or to pop instore and get your little makeover! I cant wait to come back!