This jumper is currently my everyday mood! Do what makes you happy! 

Cropped sweatshirt from Missguided here / Buckled Skirt from Missguided here / Longline Puffa Jacket from Missguided here / Eyelet Zip Clutch from Lamoda here (now on sale!) / Body Diamante Choker from OffbeatChokers here / Earrings from Missguided here 

So I created a goth kinda punk look to go where the IDGAF vibe. I’m loving wearing so much black lately, I need the weather to change for me to add some colour in my wardrobe! Sun please come back! I miss you!

P.s. I’m having SUCH a fat day today! (Currently writing this on a Sunday, but by the time this is posted, I’ll be back on the healthy flex)

Going to watch Crazy, Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling! Ciao!