Glow in the dark babygirl


First outfit post this January! This whole outfit is from MissPap links & discount code below  

Lace up plunge tee from Misspap here / Button up skirt from Misspap here / Studded backpack from Misspap here /Boots from Misspap here  / Choker from Aldo (sold out), purchased from store in LA | -You can use my code ‘CARMEN10‘ for discount! I don’t get any commission from it so it’s just for you girlies to save some dolla <3  

Hope you guys have an amazing start to the New Years! I’ve found writing in my diary and keeping a planner has really helped me stay motivated! I bought a really pretty one from Paperchase I will share online soon! I’m obsessed with stationary! Anyway hope you guys like this outfit! Let me know what you think! I wore the top without it being laced at all, cause I kind of like the plunge look! Loving the kind of rock chick grunge look lately!

Lots of love! Speak soon! <3