What camera do you use

I now mainly use my Canon M5 which I got in April (2017) when it first came out, it is a lot cheaper to buy now! Before that I was using my Canon 80D which I found worked the same but I found it a little inconvenient to carry around and travel with due to its size and weight. I did purchase the Sony A6500 prior the Canon m5 however I found the touch screen to only work for focussing and I’ve already adapted to the Canon 80d fully interactive touch screen, the screen pixels were also more pixelated and smaller.

Other times when I am out at events or out with my friends I bring my Canon G7x with me! I also use my iPhone 7 Plus camera a lot of the time too!

If I was to start off without any of my equipment I would get a mirrorless camera as it is the same quality as a DSLR and half the size!


Click here for the camera I now currently use which is the Canon M5

How do you edit your pictures

So there are a few apps you can use, for filters I use VSCO Cam and also instagram’s own filters too. I do most of the editing on my phone, but I’m trying to use Lightroom on my mac as I can edit RAW images which makes the image much clearer.

I also use Facetune which is an app from the apple store to smooth over any inperfections.

Where are you based

I am based in London and Essex, United Kingdom

Collaborations ?

Yes! I am always up for collaborations! Feel free to drop my an email CarmsLondon@hotmail.com