Stolen bag & Free Will

Feel like I write too much on my instastories, and people are often there for outfits and stuff, but some people do want to know more (even though some may not)

But I feel like I’m quite an expressive person and some things in life,  I just want to express, instastories isn’t enough space

Anyway thought I’d share with you guys it’s just a topic that has been a big part of my week. I’m not even going to try and be professional and be like crazy on my grammar, I’m just going to type as I’m thinking it in my brain…

What got stolen, what happened?

So I went to Barcelona last week with my friend Ellie as you might or might not have seen, and I posted on my stories about how I got my bag stolen. In my black tote I had a change of outfit there, my Canon camera, a rose, my Fendi bag and my old iPhone 7plus in there also.

We went to a cafe to have some lunch, walked around Las Ramblas, took some pictures and then me and Ellie was debating whether to shoot another outfit she had bought with her, I felt bad and felt like we’d still make the sunset at our hotel back in time even if we did shoot it, and she pressed on going back, and then I insisted we might as well just shoot it, we did this back and fourth for a good 2 minutes (very us).

So we looked at the uber app it said 9 minutes away if we booked it, great, this could happen, so she changed we booked it. Ellie bought a bag with her and so did I, they were on the floor just behind me whilst I got up to take her pic, it got real busy. A lot going on, so many people went infront and around us (I think planned) then 2 minutes later whilst Ellie was doing them killer poses, she’s like “wheres your black bag” I’m like its there :/ I turn around, its not there, but im like it must be there? Then thats when we realised. The bag was gone, but I kind of didn’t believe it, cause I just didn’t think anyone would just take someones bag like that? Thats just like, not normal :/

Cried bares

Like looking back, its not as bad as it could have been, but guys, I cried like a baby I cant even lie. Like I definitely cried with so much sadness, more at the fact I was upset someone could come into my life, without anything that I’ve ever done to them, to just come by and take it like that? Like I questioned myself, not going to lie I thought isit because I’ve been spending money on things lately that I shouldn’t have, like have I been bad eyed? Then I thought was it because the way I was dressed? Ah I don’t know, but I was sad guys, Ellie bless her, she ran after them, well she walked at first, really fast, then I felt impatient and yelled to her “Ellie run!” Lool (laughing whilst typing this, so dramatic)

She came back and there was no one there, anyway I cried, called my mum, my sister called me, then I called my bestfriend.

Mum- she did calm me down “Carmen, you’re lucky you’re not even hurt! These things are replaceable. Go report to the police and rest for the evening and see what insurance can do” she’s right, it could have been way worse (as I later find out at the police station)

Sister- (shes in hong kong so she’s half asleep, but my mum had called her just after she got off the phone to me) “Carmen… honestly don’t worry, mum says you got your stuff stolen, but these are so minor, just be safe” ah I do love her, she’s always there for me whatever time of day It is, wherever she is (even if she’s clubbing in HK lool)

Bestfriend- she used to do her year abroad here so she told me where to go and what to do and not to worry, great friend

Police Station

Wow, this definitely is going on longer than I thought it would, but anyway, went to police station, spoke to other people there, some guy had a bandaged arm, someone got their phone stolen from out their pram, some ladies gold chain got grabbed off from behind her and couldn’t even have enough air to yell for help. (anyway I’m not even trying to speak badly of barcelona, Its a beautiful city, I’m sharing my experience so that you guys can also be aware, please don’t take it to heart. This is just what had happened and I’m being 100% honest). Left the police station with a report, but I did think they were going to ask me more about the evil bad bad person who took it, but they just signed the papers and said I could go… like crickets…. tumbleweed…

North Korea

Anywho, I calmed down it was the next day and I just didn’t feel as bad anymore, realised things can be replaced and lucky I wasn’t hurt. And grateful, I felt so much of that for the following few days. And the next evening Ellie mentioned to me something about Kim Jung Un and North Korea, I mean I’ve always heard about North Korea but I actually didn’t realise how bad it was! Like faking winning the olympics to their own country, people trying to run away, no human rights, and how easily a life was taken there. Feel like I live in such a bubble, of safety and social media and rights, but that week really popped my bubble when my bag got stolen and hearing about something thats been going on for years.

A part of me felt so selfish for not wanting to know about the news, but the truth is the news really does make me sad, it puts such a downer on my whole day that things like this are still happening and I just want to step back into my bubble and zip it back up. I was so intrigued and lost in finding more information, I even called my mum to update her on this, she already knew though

Free Will & Human Rights, we are so lucky

Feel like I needed my bubble popping, cause when my bag was taken I felt like I had no human rights, I felt like I didn’t have control over what was wrong in the situation. I felt so angry and I felt like the police wasn’t doing anything, and no one would listen to me or do anything. And then I compared this to people in North Korea, and how BAD it must be for them, like I literally still don’t even know much, but I googled and youtubed and from what I saw I just felt so much sadness.

How they don’t have any freedom, to travel (and to think the places Ive been lucky enough to see this year), to meet people from around the world, to see different parts and way of life, to have food widely available (and then the amount of food we waste), they all look so skinny and malnourished. Its scary and crazy at the same time, and it makes me question everything.



Also came across a guy called Otto, google “Otto North Korea” and it will come up, but like he went there for a trip, and on his way back he got stopped at the airport, and it was apparently due to him taking a poster down of Kim and for that he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour, but within a year and a half he was on a flight back home in a coma , his dad in a interview with fox news later said something along the lines of “when I got on the plane, he was blind, deaf, making involuntary moves, and his bottom teeth looked like someone took pliers and rearranged them” Like I can’t even. 


Like we really complain when Zara has a strict return policy (annoying if something is 1 day outside the 30 day period and wont let you even exchange) and we have the right to be like “what? Its one day?!” … “I’d like to speak to the manager please” and we can be really mad about it, question our rights and their policy, but over there, whatever the government says, goes. No questions.


So anyway this just made me think about how lucky we are to have human rights, and our freedom. It just made me grateful, that we can say how we feel when something isn’t right, grateful that we have the freedom to do things and go places.

So just really wanted you guys to feel grateful for the situation you’re in, most of the time it isn’t even bad as you think. We are so lucky, we have food, opportunites most of the things we are upset about we have the freedom to do something about it <3

We really should make use out of the time we have on this world in this short time, most of the minute things we get worried about sometimes isn’t even significant to the bigger picture.


I hope that North Korea someday will be a better place I feel so helpless 🙁 (I even thought of plans to save them, seriously, but apparently they have strong nuclear weapons so, erm yeah tricky one) (I thought about what if we dropped drones by with iPhones and sim cards so they could know whats going on the outside world, and then breaking down the border, sending in planes, after they get a notification on their phone, and we go and save them. sorry I know it sounds silly now, sigh )

Anyway feels good writing this all out, I don’t even feel hate anymore for the people who took my stuff, I can only learn from it, to be more careful and I’ve also learnt to be more grateful

This is quite a personal part of me, sharing my thoughts and feelings vulnerably to be judged by anyone who read this, so let me know what you think! Should I keep things like this to myself in my documents or would you be interested for me to share my thoughts?

Love you guys so much! And thank you for reading if you got to the end <3 Its okay if you didnt, but if you’re reading this then you probably did.



Hands down one of the best manicure experiences I’ve had in a while with BlowLTD inside the Debenhams store

So I arrived at the Debenhams store on this perfect summers day, after shopping around Oxford Street for a a quick lunch time appointment. I was greeted by Jessica who took care of me during my time there, who was so lovely and friendly!

I usually opt for a nude colour but decided to go for this pale pink to highlight the tan I’ve caught this summer. My nails and hands went through such a nice and relaxing process of removing dead skin, hand massages, hand baths, filing, trimming and shaping all whilst having such a lovely conversation with Jessica. Its been 2 weeks since I’ve had my nails done from the pictures above and they still look so fresh!

Nothing can brighten your day like a fresh new manicure! And don’t you love it when they actually do your nails perfectly and properly?

The best thing is that BlowLTD offers more than manicures, they do pedicures, makeup, hair and blowdries, lashes, massages , waxing and group services and thats not even it! They can come to you!

I’ve actually been to a few events where BlowLTD has come to do our nails and they have just been as good as instore! They really feel like your friends!

Click here to see what else they offer or to pop instore and get your little makeover! I cant wait to come back!




Had the best experience at the Henley Royal Regatta with Debenhams, I’ve never been to anything like this before! Here with some of the beautiful Debenham girls <3

Dress available here Heels available here

Over the last weekend I was super lucky to be invited to the Henley Royal Regatta with Debenhams, it had such a British summer vibe with Pimms flowing, canapés on rotation and cheering in the background.

On our way there, we was surrounded by many other attendees of the Regatta all dressed so beautifully- some came as couples, some came as groups, all laughing filling the air with excitement for the races.

I chose to wear a long midi stripey dress from Debenhams, I felt so comfortable in this all day! It was super stretchy and breathable (perfect to make space for the delicious meals that was being served!) I also loved that I could easily dress this up or down too! I paired it with a simple pair of staple piece black stilettos (which by the way are soooo comfortable, part of the Call it Spring collection that I’m in love with!), they are extra cushioned so my feet didn’t hurt at all! I finished my look of with a pop of red on my lips!

This was definitely one of a lifetime experience, as I have always wanted to come to an event as beautiful as this! Being dressed in Debenhams was really a match made in heaven as there was so many style of dresses to choose from perfect for occasions.

Debenhams -have a look to see all their other beautiful dresses, outfits and accessories perfect for any occasion!





Coachella festival was so much fun! I want to go back this weekend!

Sandals available here

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all been doing well, as we are fast approaching festival season, kickstarting it with Coachella, options for outfits and clothing can become overwhelming. However festival by festival I find myself choosing comfort over everything and anything, which is why these cute UGG sandal with the pink bow tie was my perfect choice!

It has extra elastic on the edge for extra comfort and it is SUPER comfy! It also adds a little bit of height for extra elongated legs! I paired my shoes with a white late bodysuit and kimono to add extra festival vibes!

Hope you guys have the best festival season this year!

Lots of love xxx



London feeling ever so festive and these boots are perfect for ’tis season! 

Boots (available instore) similar here

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Hey guys! How festive does it feel lately?! Everywhere I go is making me squeal with excitement! Can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

Walking around London has been amazing! It makes me feel so excited for Christmas! And nothing better than walking around with the perfect pair of black boots this fall! These are so comfy with the studded detail to add edginess to any outfit! Obsessed!

I paired my black boots with an oversized jumper dress and black hat to match. How would you style your favourite pair of knee high boots?

Speak soon xxx